Soul Puppy Services

SOUL PUPPY HOLISTIC HEALING is a small business private practice that offers a zen healing  environment for DOGS and CATS. 


Please click here for HORSES.


Services offered at this location include: 

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM)

  • Acupuncture-all patients at Soul Puppy are treated with TCVM acupuncture

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine-available for established/acupuncture patients only

  • TCVM based Food Therapy-available for established/acupuncture patients only

Additional Services

  • Whole Food Supplements by Standard Process

  • Select Holistic Supplements

  • Select Western Herbs

  • Assisi Loops-PEMF 


Adjunct Services

  • Veterinary/Medical Grade Aromatherapy

  • Reiki

TeleVet Time Services

  • Access Dr. Browns expertise in between Soul Puppy appointments with TeleVet Time Services

  • Ideal for patient monitoring, treatment plan adjustment, herbal and food therapy updates or changes and more ​

  • Available via email (preferred) or phone for active patients only during regular business hours

  • TeleVet Time Fees Apply

    • Note: Dr. Brown adores her patients and wishes for their well being at all times. She is very generous with her time, however it is not possible for her to offer unlimited concierge style email access outside of in-person patient appointment time. 

TCVM Housecalls

  • Available with Dr. Brown via Brown Veterinary Housecalls for dogs and cats and Equine Acupuncture-TCVM for horses. 

  • Ideal for large breed/geriatric/paralyzed dogs, small breed dogs and cats that do not travel well and horses

  • Scheduling is based on location and availability

  • Additional fees/travel apply 


Hospital Referral Services​​

  • Thank you for your patient referrals

  • Patients referred to Soul Puppy by local veterinarians for TCVM services will be directed back to their regular veterinarian for all Western/Allopathic services


Important Information Regarding Services

  • Please note Soul Puppy Holistic Healing is a TCVM-only specialty practice and is not a full service clinic.

  • Services available at Soul Puppy are specialized to TCVM only

  • Dr. Brown does not offer any Western/Allopathic medicine, services, procedures or medications at this location

  • If an Integrative approach is preferred which also includes Western/Allopathic options, these services may be available via an Integrative Housecall with Dr. Brown on a case by case basis

  • Note: this service is not available for TCVM-only referrals