Practice Policies



Soul Puppy Holistic Healing is one branch of Dr. Browns practice. Dr. Brown also travels the valley for housecall patients via the mobile branches of her practice: Brown Veterinary Housecalls & Equine Acupuncture-TCVM.  Soul Puppy patients are considered separate from housecall patients and vice versa unless both appointment types are utilized separately. 


Dr. Brown is at this location by appointment only. Patients are seen at Soul Puppy by scheduled appointment during regular business hours based on availability


Variable based on availability 

Dr. Brown consolidates Soul Puppy appointments on Tues/Thurs while traveling for housecalls & barn calls on Wed/Fri. She will however adjust the schedule accordingly as needed when possible. Dr. Brown offers afternoon appointments only 


Tues-Fri 11-5PM 


A $50 deposit is required to hold new client appointments which will be deducted from invoice total. Established clients are not required to pay deposits however excessive cancellations/no shows will result in deposits being required


Payment is expected at time services are rendered. Payment methods include cash, credit card, Zelle, Venmo or PayPal direct (no invoicing) 

Zelle via 480-494-6034 or

Venmo via @cmbrowndvm or @brownvethousecalls

Paypal direct via 


Please allow for more than 48 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees

48 h notice $25 fee

24 h notice $50 fee

12 hours/same day $100 fee

No show $200 fee 

Note: patients with prepaid packages automatically forfeit a treatment session 


Cancellation Fees are expected at time of notice via Zelle, Venmo or Paypal 

Zelle via 480-494-6034 or

Venmo via @cmbrowndvm or @brownvethousecalls

Paypal direct via 


Dr. Brown & staff are happy to assist you and your pet in a mutually enjoyable and respectful working relationship with healthy boundaries as outlined on this site and her main housecall website. Dr. Brown reserves the right to refuse service at her discretion & is a proud sponsor of NOTONEMOREVET


We are excited to work with you and your pet! Please note the Aggressive Pet Policy: Aggressive patients or patients with a history of aggression will not be accepted for safety purposes. If a patient is too aggressive to handle and treat all fees for our time still apply in full. Dr. Brown reserves the right to refuse service at her discretion. 



Dr. Browns preferred method of communication is via email as she is either with a patient or traveling for housecalls. Please utilize TeLeVET TIME SERVICES to access Dr. Browns expertise outside of regular in person appointments. TeLeVET TIME FEES apply. 

Note: Due to the nature of this practice Dr. Brown does not have a reception staff like a full service brick & mortar clinic. Remote assistants, Gabby & Deb, will respond to emails when available. Please allow 1 to 3 business days for a response. For scheduling please email (include Soul Puppy in subject) and email for all record requests/submissions (include Soul Puppy in subject).