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Welcome! New Client Information

Thank you for choosing Soul Puppy Holistic Healing for your pets healing needs!


Please note Soul Puppy is a TCVM only specialty practice & not a full service clinic.  All new client requests & general inquiry questions are processed & answered directly on this site for your convenience. Due to the nature of Dr. Browns mobile & specialty practice(s), this detailed site was created as remote support staff is not available on demand & Dr. Brown is either with a patient or traveling. Online forms & some pages below are redirected to Dr. Browns main housecall site, Soul Puppy patients are separate from & not considered housecall patients and vice versa. Dr. Brown is at this location by appointmet only

IMPORTANT: Please review in detail location, directions/parking and arrival instructions including all the links below in the new client quick link checklist PRIOR to your pets approved scheduled appointment. Thank you

Thank you for choosing Dr. Brown for your pets healing needs!

Soul Puppy is a Local, Veterinarian Owned & Operated, Small Business, Private Specialty Practice. Thank you for your referrals!

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