Initial Consult/Exam/TCVM Evaluation/ Acupuncture treatment (60 minutes) $187*

Extended Initial Consult/Exam/TCVM Evaluation/Acupuncture treatment (90 minutes) $275*

*Additional time  $28/15min 

Treatment Packages

Individual follow up acupuncture treatment (30min) $115 

Prepaid follow up acupuncture treatment x 3 (30 min) $313

Prepaid follow up acupuncture treatment x 6 (30min) $550

The number and frequency of treatments varies with each individual patient. Three to Six treatments every 2 weeks is typically recommended to start, then monthly or as needed on a case by case basis. Treatments consist on a combination of dry needle, electroacupuncture and aquapunctue depending on the needs of the patient and TCVM pattern diagnosis. Additonal fees apply for herbal medicine and food therapy.   

Fees subject to change without notice.