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What to Expect

All patients that visit Soul Puppy are treated with TCVM Acupuncture and receive individualized attention from Dr. Brown and her assistant Jim for up to one hour total appointment time in a tranquil healing atmosphere. 

The initial appointment will include time for:

Brief Patient History

TCVM Consult/Exam

Acupuncture Treatment

Adjunct service options available once established as an active acupuncture patient include: 

Chinese Herbal Medicine*

TCVM Specific Food Therapy* 

*Note: Herbal Medicine Profiles & Food Therapy options are prepaid services available on a case by case basis and not in person appointments. Restrictions apply

Follow Up Treatments after initial visit:

Individual treatments

Prepaid Treatment Packages 

For additional support after your pets in person appointment please request TeLeVET Time Remote Support Services. TeLeVET Time Fees apply after initial complimentary appointment follow up. Patient Update and Progress Form must be submitted within two weeks of appointment date for courtesy response.

IMPORTANT: Please note this is a TCVM specific appointment and not a General Medicine or Integrative Consult.


  • Dr. Brown has much to cover from a TCVM standpoint and this hour will go by quickly so please refrain from asking general medicine questions. Dr. Brown is happy to address your questions if time permits at the end of the appointment or via prepaid remote support TeLeVET Time Services. Please note patients are booked on the hour and this is a cozy one room practice. If questions prevent the acupuncture treatment from being performed the full fee for Dr. Browns time still applies. If questions cause the appointment to go over time making the next patient wait, extended appointment time fees apply at a rate of $50/15min. Active clients may also request TeLeVET Time Remote Support & Communication Services for further counseling & support outside of in person appointments. TeLeVET Fees apply.

Thank you.  

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