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General Information


Soul Puppy is located inside the SW Herb Shop & Gathering PLace in historic Downtown Mesa


Enter SW Herb address 148 N Center St Mesa, AZ 85201 for best results


Parking can by found on Center St or in rear of building. Parking in the rear can be accessed via W 2nd St or W 1st St. Note: the driveway to the SW Herb Shop does not go thru to the rear of the building but the drive next to it does. Careful as traffic in the narrow back alley travels in both directions. Please use caution if parking on street. Leashes and carriers required for safety purposes. 


 The pet entrance is located in the rear of the building near the sign on the back wall.

The rear door is locked at all times. See below for arrival information


One adult per pet allowed into exam room due to limited space


Please do not bring additional pets or persons to your appointment due to limited space and nearby practitioners with healing in session. Additional guests will be asked to wait in shop or gathering place. Noisy pets not on schedule will be asked to leave out of respect for nearby practitioners


Due to limited space & safety purposes, please arrive just a few minutes before your pets scheduled appointment time as patients are scheduled on the hour. Soul Puppy is a one room practice without a waiting area due to its unique location.

PLEASE TEXT scheduling at 480-648-4401 UPON ARRIVAL, noting parking location and WAIT FOR ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS as the rear door is to remain locked at all times for safety purposes. Please do not enter via the SW Herb Shop as pets are not allowed in the shop. Please do not enter rear door on own unless preapproved by Dr. Brown. All cats must be in carriers and dogs on leashes. Please do not allow store employees or customers etc. to pet your dog or cat for liability purposes. 


New clients that are 15 min or more late for their initial appointment will be required to reschedule & forfeit the deposit. A nonrefundable scheduling fee of the full cost of the initial visit will be required for rescheduling. 

Thank you 

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