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Scheduling, Location & Policies







Please submit a new client form at link above and have medical records emailed directly from current/previous veterinarian to

  • Note: form links are redirected to Dr. Browns main site ( 

  • Once received, an email from will be sent with more information and how to make the appointment deposit for approved requests 

  • IMPORTANT: Please review services offered as this is a TCVM specialty practice and not a full service clinic. Learn more



Due to the nature of this practice the following policies are in place: 

  • $50 minimum deposit required to hold/confirm appointments which will be deducted from invoice total

  • Please allow greater than 48 hours notice to avoid cancellation fees 

  • 48 hour $25 cancellation fee

  • 24 hour $50 cancellation fee

  • 12 hour same day $100 cancellation fee

  • $200 no show fee

  • Treatment packages automatically forfeit a treatment visit

  • Aggressive patients or patients with a history of needed sedation for exams will not be accepted for safety purposes

  • Due to limited space, one adult and one pet are allowed into the healing space per appointment. Please do not bring additional pets or persons to appointment for this reason as there is only enough space for Dr. Brown, her assistant Jim and one pet and pet parent. A waiting area if needed is available outside of the healing offices. Please be respectful of nearby healing sessions in progress by other practitioners. 



Due to Covid-19, its variants and the nature of the Soul Puppy office, masks are recommended at this time but not required. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 

housecall safety _edited_edited.jpg


The veterinary profession has one of the highest rates of compassion fatigue and suicide amongst all other medical professions.

To cope with the demands of the profession, Dr. Brown has created this healing space along with healthy boundaries to best provide for her patients, herself and her family.

Dr. Brown adores her patients and always wishes for their happiness and well being. While email is Dr. Browns preferred method of communication, it is not possible for her to offer 24/7 unlimited concierge style direct email access.

  • Please utilize TELEVET TIME SERVICES to  access Dr. Browns expertise in between in person appointments Available during regular business hours for active patients. TeleVet fees apply. 

Note: Dr. Brown reserves the right to refuse services at her discretion if warranted to protect the mental and emotional health of herself, her staff and her family. #notonemorevet

Learn more and/or donate to veterinary professionals in crisis at NOMV.ORG



Patients are seen by scheduled appointment only during regular business hours

  • Regular Business Hours are Tues-Fri 9AM to 5PM

  • Appointment Hours vary based on availability 


Dr. Brown is at this location by appointment only as she is otherwise traveling the valley for veterinary housecall or barncall appointments. 


yinyang horse.jpg


Soul Puppy Holistic Healing is located inside the SW Herb Shop and Gathering Place in historic downtown Mesa

  • It is best to enter the address for SWHerb into navigational systems

    • 148 N Center St Mesa, AZ 85201​

  • The pet entrance to Soul Puppy is located in the rear of the building near the sign on the back wall 

  • Parking is available in the rear of the building or on the street.  Please use caution if parking near the road​

Soul Puppy entrance is around back of The Herb Shop in the Gathering Place Healing Rooms


Soul Puppy Holistic Healing is located inside the Gathering Space of the SW Herb Shop with multiple healing practitioner offices nearby.

Heal alongside your pet with one of our healing practitioner neighbors. Be sure to check out the amazing herbs, teas and other items inside the SW Herb Shop along with upcoming events and classes! Learn More

Healing sessions are typically in progress throughout the day so please be respectful when "quiet in session" signs are posted on doors. 


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