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Soul Puppy Services

Soul Puppy Holistic Healing offers a zen healing  environment for dogs and cats.


Services include Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM): Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, TCVM based Food Therapy and Whole Food Supplements. Scroll down for details. 

Please note Soul Puppy is a specialty TCVM private practice and is not a full service clinic. Services are specialized to TCVM only. Dr. Brown does not offer Western/Allopathic medicine, services, procedures or medications at this location.

If an Integrative approach is preferred which also includes Western/Allopathic options, these services may be available via housecall with Dr. Brown on a case by case basis.

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Thank you for your referrals

Note: Patients referred by local veterinarians to Dr. Brown for TCVM services only will be referred back to their regular veterinarian for all Western/Allopathic services. 

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